In Canadian news today, a chicken was randomly found wandering the streets and people have taken to the Internet to find its owner. It's no surprise that Canadians were quick to offer help and suggestions online. 

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A Reddit post went up a day ago in the Vancouver thread talking about how a chicken was found in the Brentwood area. The Reddit user, @sylvrn, said that they were "trying to find the owner" and asked if any other users knew someone around that Vancouver neighbourhood that lost their chicken. Check out this photo of the lost chick!

Via Sylvrn | Reddit

The post already has almost a 100 upvotes and over 35 comments. The user, @sylvrn, asked people to slide in her DMs if they knew the owner. In true Canadian fashion, Reddit users have come to help. Some have commented people that own chickens who live in the Brentwood area, and others have given suggestions on how to handle the stray chick, such as contacting the SPCA. 

Via Screenshot | Reddit

Via Screenshot | Reddit

Reddit user @sylvrn said that they will keep the chicken until tonight and if the owner is not found by then, release the chicken to find its own way back home. 

Here's hoping this Vancouver chicken will be found by its owners soon, with the help of Canadians and the internet. 

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