Unfortunately, in 2019 Canadians are familiar with reports of racism, homophobia and sexism throughout the country. While Canadians seem to be more aware of these issues with time, some citizens continue to express hateful opinions on the rest of us. Surprisingly, children at a local Canadian elementary school are the latest suspects in a racist scandal spreading hateful messages among young students.

Global News reported that racist graffiti and hateful messages were graffitied at a local elementary school in Langley, BC. The shockingly disturbing messages were assumingly written by children who attend the school.

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The hateful messages were seen at Topham Elementary school in Langley, BC. The elementary school is located in the Walnut Grove neighbourhood. Global News reports that the racist messages were first found on Saturday morning and that whoever left the messages left three black markers behind on the school's grounds.

Via Global News

It's difficult to know exactly what was written but Global News confirmed that the messages were hateful and racist in spirit. In addition, visible swastika sign was shown on the walls of the school.

Abby News confirms that a local man, Len Morris, was walking his dog in the park near the elementary school when he first saw the hateful messages. He confirmed that racist and sexist comments, that were poorly spelled, were written on the exterior wall of the school.

Via Google Maps

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He also confirmed to Abby News that this type of behaviour was not normal for the quiet neighbourhood in Langley, BC.

Local police are now investigating the vandalism and hope to find the people or children responsible.

Unfortunately, this is nothing new to Canadians. Just a few months ago, a well-established realtor in Coquitlam, BC received a threatening anonymous letter with racist messages throughout. In the letter, she was told that she was "not welcome" in the neighbourhood. The letter was also filled with racial sluts calling Asians "chinks and gooks".

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In another incident in September 2018, a Canadian woman got into a verbal altercation with multiple people on a local Translink bus in Vancouver. During the confrontation, the woman shouted racist insults, "I'll f***ing kill you" and exclaimed that she supported President Donald Trump while yelling at passengers on the bus.

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