The new coronavirus is all anyone can talk about lately. After several individuals have been put on watch for it in Canada and protective face masks have been flying off the shelves, a pregnant Vancouver woman in Wuhan, China is trying to get home safe. The woman is there with her husband and young child under quarantine.

According to the National Post, Tom Williams and his wife and child have been living and working in Wuhan for the past five years. Wuhan has recently been identified as the epicentre of the novel coronavirus. 

His wife, Lauren is originally from Langley, B.C. 

Williams told the National Post that there is currently no immediate plan to evacuate Canadians from Wuhan.

Because of this, the family is now stuck in China where over 2,700 confirmed cases of the virus strain have been reported as well as 80 deaths, explains the National Post. 

According to the Calgary Herald, Williams contacted the emergency hotline for the Canadian embassy over the weekend.

He told the Calgary Herald that staff in Ottawa explained to him that he and his family needed to stay put. 

Though there are seemingly roadblocks between his family and their home in Canada, he plans on getting out of Wuhan “as soon as possible.”

He even stated that he is willing to stay behind if that means his wife is safe while giving birth. 

While it is a scary time for his family, Williams said to the Calgary publication that his family is quarantined in the city and that things are "pretty calm" and "under control."

He has, however, noted road closures that could cause trouble should his wife need to get to the hospital. 

Alongside road closures, Williams said that people have been wearing masks and having their temperatures checked by local authorities. 

Individuals are growing fearful back in B.C., as well. In fact, Vancouver stores have been running out of face masks to the point where people are selling them online

Events, including the lunar new year, have even been cancelled in Vancouver, as well. 

With a second case confirmed in Toronto, the Vancouver airport will soon start screening for the virus. 

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