A terrifying incident took place yesterday at a Richmond Walmart. The case involved a man armed with multiple knives allegedly barricading himself in the Walmart while customers were still inside. The man has since been arrested but videos and pictures of the event have now begun to circulate online. 

Richmond News has reported that on the afternoon of February 18, a man was wielding “edged weapons” in a Walmart in Richmond. 

The Richmond RMCP told the news outlet that the man barricaded himself inside the store which caused the entire outlet to be evacuated and the surrounding areas blocked off.

A tweet released by the RCMP explained that the area around Alderbridge Way and Garden City Road was closed. 

A crisis negotiator, emergency response team, and police service dogs were all called to the scene to assist. 

Cpl. Dennis Hwang explained that the man surrendered in the end and no one was injured as a result. 

While the unidentified man has since been arrested by RCMP, video and photo evidence of the encounter have been posted online. 

In one of the videos posted on Twitter, you can see the man standing behind the meat counter in the grocery store. Due to the height of the counter, it is difficult to see if he is holding any weapons. 

At this point in time, customers are still in the area and a police officer is seen trying to communicate with the man. 

The person who is filming can be heard saying “only in Richmond” as the argument between the cop and the man continues. 

At around the 55-second mark on one of the videos, the man raises his hands briefly and a knife can be seen in each hand. 

In another video, you can see several police officers running upstairs to get to the scene. 

One customer who was on the scene tweeted out that the man barricaded himself in the freezer section of the fish area. RCMP allegedly had their guns out trying to apprehend the person.

“Dude put himself in a dead-end so why even bother resisting, you're done, just surrender already,” wrote the Twitter user. 

Narcity has reached out to the Richmond RCMP and Walmart for comment and will update this story when we receive a response.

Police respond to some pretty tense phone calls while on duty. 

Not long ago in West Kelowna, a B.C. a man was able to escape from a police situation in Walmart by trying to run over a cop

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