A Vancouver brewery says it is prepared to name one of its beers after a British celebrity who said it may be the best he's ever tasted. Ricky Gervais’ favourite beer is apparently Ruby Tears, brewed by Parallel 49. Gervais actually misnamed the drink as “Gypsies Tears” — probably because it was previously known as “Gypsy Tears” before a rebrand — but the brewer doesn’t seem to mind.

In fact, Parallel 49 is so grateful for the shout-out from Gervais to his 14 million Twitter followers that they have jokingly offered to rename his favourite beer “Ricky Tears.”

A spokesman for the brewery told Narcity in an interview that “Needless to say, Ricky is invited down to the brewery anytime when he's in town this summer and in the name of good fun and good beer, we're not opposed to calling it Ricky Tears!

“We're also working on Ricky Gerveza Mexican lager, as of yesterday.”

On a serious note, Parallel 49 said that because Gervais is a renowned animal rights activist, it is prepared to donate 25 cents per pint and $1 from each six-pack sale “to an animal charity of his choosing.”

The spokesperson added: “We look forward to hearing from you Ricky!”

Gervais mentioned the Vancouver drink after being asked on Twitter to name his favourite brand of beer or lager.

The comedian, who shot to fame in the U.K. for his lead role in The Office, said: “I like so many and I can't remember all the names. I like Brooklyn lager and loads from different micro breweries around the world. I remember thinking 'Gypsies Tears' in Vancouver was the best beer I'd ever tasted though.”

Gervais, who will be featuring on a new Netflix show called The Willoughbys later this year, will be able to sample the beer again this August when he comes to Vancouver as part of a worldwide tour.

He may regret not touring the city back in December when Parallel 49 launched a beer advent calendar for the holidays.

During a previous tour, Gervais declared his love for the city — which is renowned for its variety of local beers and breweries — tweeting that it is an “amazing place.”

If he does pay a visit to Parallel 49 in East Vancouver, though, he may be surprised to learn that his favourite beer has changed its name from “Gypsy Tears” to “Ruby Tears.”

The Parallel 49 spokesperson explained that “The original name was brought to our attention as being culturally insensitive to a number of our fans, so we switched the name out to bring the focus back to what the brand embodies for us and so many of the Parallel 49 community: great beer for everyone to enjoy. Simple!”

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