If you were hanging out at one of Vancouver's famous secret bars last night, you might've seen a very famous celeb on stage. KJ Apa best known for playing Archie Andrews in the live-action reboot of Riverdale was spotted performing a secret show live in Vancouver last night for a very lucky crowd. 

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What better way to celebrate a Tuesday night than with the redhead heartthrob himself? Apa is part of the band The Good Time Boys which also includes Rob Raco, another familiar face from Riverdale, Alex Hooch and Josh Wyper. 

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According to Apa's Instagram, playing guitar is a pastime for the actor. But who knew he would be performing in one of our little pubs in Gastown? 

This surprise performance was relatively last minute. Apa did, however, post about how he would be playing at the bar on his Instagram story yesterday. Unless you're a super fan following his every move (guilty), you may not have known about his upcoming debut with the band. 

On his Instagram story, he posted an image of the band in a Vancouver alley with the words "The Good Times Boys 7 pm Guilt&Co" subtly announcing that his small indie band would be performing at the downtown bar. 

The four-person group filled Guilt & Company where they performed an eight-song set of covers for an ogling crowd. By the looks of it, the dance floor was absolutely packed and it's easy to see why. 

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With Archie on guitar and Joaquin on drums, it was bound to be a good night! But don’t worry if you missed it. There are tons of videos and pictures blowing up on Instagram. 

This isn't the first time the most talked about celebrity has been seen wandering the streets of Vancouver. When he's not busy filming Riverdale, he can be found at taking in local hockey games, enjoying the gorgeous city scenery, and apparently, playing in bands.

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Just when you thought he couldn’t be more talented, he goes and does this! It’s safe to say, The Good Time Boys will be gaining a lot of new fans in Canada. 

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