On October 28, a video surfaced online of an irate Shoppers Drug Mart customers shouting at two members of the store’s staff. The scene took place in Metro Vancouver at the Shoppers Drug Mart branch located on Kingsway and McMurray, the post claims. In the original post, the individual who shared the video called the woman “extremely rude and racist.” The Shoppers Drug Mart racist video has since gotten over a thousand Facebook shares. 

In the video, the woman and what appears to be her young son stand at the sales counter in front of two Shoppers Drug Mart staff members. It is difficult to tell how the interaction started as the video begins when tension is already high. The woman holds a finger in the face of one of the staff members and repeats the words "speak English in Canada," "shut up," and "you're rude." She then asks the second staff member who she can call to complain.

Rather than leaving the store, however, she demands the staff member she was originally speaking to finish ringing her through. The video is being filmed from behind some store shelves and continues as the staff member rings the woman through and the scene begins to escalate.

When a third staff member comes out, her anger intensifies. The staff member says something to the woman to which she responds "You want a manager to talk to me, you bring your manager here. If you want to talk to me, you bring your manager here you idiot! Or go talk Chinese with your other staff and sh*t talk me somewhere else."

She continues in the same vein, saying, "Shut up and get out of here you idiot." She continues to repeat the words "shut up," "that's rude," and to scold the staff for speaking "Chinese" in front of her. Two of the staff members try to speak to her and she yells "shut up" in their faces. "I'm calling the police," says their third staff member as he walks out of the frame and the woman storms out of the store with the young boy in tow.

Though it's unclear how the conflict originally arose, the video shows tension and anger is being directed at the staff members. In the original post, the caption reads:

"Saw this happen today at the Shoppers Drug Mart on Kingsway/McMurray. I just want to put this lady on blast for being extremely rude and racist. And hopefully show her there's consequences to this type of behaviour. It's sad to see this sort of racism still in 2019 and in Greater Vancouver, BC, and Canada." The individual who posted the video was in the store at the time of the incident but has asked to remain anonymous.

Many of the comments on the post express concern that she behaved in this way in front of a child. Tragically, this is not the first time a video has emerged with racist behaviour in Canada recently.

With Halloween coming up this week and a whole lot of commotion in the political climate, as Ellen Degeneres would say, "be kind to one another."

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