As cities around Canada start to get their first snowfalls of the winter, B.C. is still going strong in autumn as per usual. Though it may feel like it sometimes, fall doesn't last forever. So, we've got to start mentally preparing for winter and maybe even a little bit of snow. According to an AccuWeather snow report, Vancouver can expect the first snowfall of the year next month, in December 2019.

AccuWeather forecasts show that Vancouver’s first snowfall of the year will come on Thursday, December 5, 2019. Luckily, it won’t cramp your style too much. On December 5, the forecast shows only “a touch of snow.” Unfortunately, it’ll be paired with sleet and freezing rain. After that fateful day, the next sign of snow comes on January 2 with both snow and rain mixing together in the morning. 

Before you commit to indoor life, the forecast also shows some good news. The month of November will be seeing temperatures all the way up to 14 C, believe it or not, some sunshine. Naturally, there will be some rain and cloudiness throughout the month, but November will welcome a couple of sunny days each week.

As for December, the good news just keeps on coming. Vancouver will be welcoming eight straight days of sun from December 12 to December 19, 2019. 

Here's a snapshot of what the first predicted sign of snowfall will look like in Vancouver on December 5.

Tragically, those glorious, sunny days will be followed by a whole lot of rain and a little bit of snow, as we mentioned. January is predicted to bring only three days of snowfall.

Though there is a stretch of rainy days for the first half of the month, the end of January brings seven days of sun if this forecast proves to be correct. February kicks off with a little bit of snow on the first of the month. 

If you don't like snow, cold temperatures, or Vancouver's notoriously awful winter traffic then you might be in for a pretty enjoyable season in Vancouver.

As for the rest of the country, it's not all smooth sailing for winter 2019/2020. Alberta is in for a very snowy winter, Ontario is getting their first snowfall sometime this week, likely around November 5, and Saskatchewan has already been subject to a snow warnings.

Don't even think about wasting your winter away indoors. Vancouver is filled with fun things to do, awesome things to see, and amazing things to eat. You may not be able to use snow as your excuse this winter, so you might as well make the most of Vancouver all year round. Enjoy!

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