As protests break out across the U.S., Canadian activists are also taking to the streets. Over the weekend, large crowds of solidarity protesters in Vancouver took to the streets. One car didn't stop and drove through a group of people, knocking some to the ground. The event was posted on social media but the intentions of the people in the video and their relationship to the protest are not evident from the footage. 

Crowds of protesters marched down Main Street and through the Downtown Eastside area starting 5 p.m. Saturday, May 30. Vancouver police tell Narcity there were roughly 110 people present.

According to pamphlets, the event was a protest against the police killings of George Floyd and many others. Regis Korchinski-Paquet was named among the victims.

The intersection video, shared on Reddit, showed a large crowd of people standing in the middle of an intersection near the Main Street-Science World Skytrain station, blocking cars from passing.

The video shows one car taking a turn down the intersection. The car behind it looks like it wanted to follow, but it was stopped by the protesters.

People started grabbing the vehicle and pushing back as it continued to inch forward. Then, a few jumped out of its way as it drove through the crowd. One masked woman had grabbed onto a windshield wiper and was dragged to the ground.

As the car drove away down the road, people were seen running and yelling after it. Police officers were also present at the scene.

Comments on the site debated the apparent identity and intentions of the protestors. 

"What's your name, officer?" said one protester to police in the video. "You just watched an innocent person get ran over, and this person's filming. You're not going to arrest him, you're not even going to chase him."

Vancouver police told Narcity there were no arrests made, though they did have officers "monitoring the situation." They didn't comment on the specific incident or its relationship to the overall protests. 

The Vancouver chapter of Black Lives Matter didn't participate in the protests. While they said they're "very interested" in organizing something similar in the future, according to an Instagram statement, they felt it wasn't safe enough yet to gather in public.

"We do not feel that we can ensure the safety of our community in public protest at this time," they wrote.

While Vancouver's protest was relatively quiet, just over the border in Seattle. Violence broke out during previously peaceful protests, and police cars were set ablaze. The origin and intent behind the violence are unclear, as many protestors spoke out to distance themselves from violent activities. 

Other Canadian cities like Toronto and Montreal have held even larger protests with still more gathering, vigils, memorials and rallies planned and the movement continues.

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