A raccoon was cruelly tortured by someone in Vancouver last week and the details will definitely break your heart. The raccoon was caught in a live trap and then left to drown in a trash can that was filled with water. The animal was stuck for a week in the trap and then in the water-filled bin for several days. 

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Despite all this torture, the raccoon somehow made it out alive. She was found by the Critter Care Wildlife Society, who took her into their care at 1 PM on Friday, November 23rd. Unfortunately, the raccoon did not survive the incident and passed away later that night, according to Vancouver Courier

The Critter Care Wildlife Society posted the tragic incident onto Facebook on Friday, November 23rd and the story quickly went viral. The post has since gotten over 500 shares and hundreds of comments. Check out the full Facebook post

The Facebook post details the incident and says that it is a miracle that the raccoon is still alive. Photos of the raccoon were included in the post accompanied with the caption, "Cruelty has no place in the modern day!". 

Brooklynn Martin, the Animal care supervisor for Critter Care Wildlife Society, called it the cruelest incident she has had to deal with so far. She told Vancouver Courier, "Each cruelty case is bad and you deal with the situation and it makes you sad but this one, in my opinion, is probably the worst that I have had to deal with."

She also explained that it is normal and legal for people to set live traps, as long as they are humane – which was not the case with this incident. "If you don’t want them on your property you have a 10km radius around your house where you can trap them and then you can relocate the animal somewhere else," Martin told Vancouver Courier. "But legally you are not allowed to set a trap and leave whatever is in there for longer than 24 hours and this poor raccoon was in a trap for over a week.

According to the Facebook post from the Critter Care Wildlife Society, the incident was reported to local officials. The Critter Care Wildlife Society focuses on taking care of animals native to British Columbia and helping them with rehabilitation. You can find out more about them on their website

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