The BC SPCA is currently looking for the person, or persons, responsible for a new animal abuse case. According to the BC SPCA, a beautiful and severally hurt dog was brought into the Sunshine Coast SPCA branch by a good Samaritan in late January. The case has now gone public as the SPCA looks for who is responsible for hurting this dog. BC SPCA is investigating after the dog was found injured with high amounts of cocaine and THC in its system

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Ernest, also known as Ernie, is a senior chocolate Labrador retriever. This poor animal was brought in as a stray but staff quickly noticed something wrong with him. According to SPCA staff, Ernest was very uncoordinated when he was bought in. Within two hours he became unresponsive. 

After noticing his alarming behaviour, staff rushed Ernest to a vet to administer tests. The tests results came back to find he had ingested THC and high levels of cocaine. 

As a result of his drug intake, he was hospitalized overnight. Unfortunately, this is not where Ernest’s bad luck ends. After further examination, vets found that the animal has an incredibly painful and untreated ear infection. 


“Ernie’s ears were so bad that he had a horrible odour emanating from him. The vet could not see if his eardrums are intact as there was so much pus and debris in the ear canal. With treatment, he is doing much better,” says Marika Donnelly, branch manager at the Sunshine Coast SPCA.

Just to add to everything, there was a benign mass on his right leg that needs to be removed. Also, two of his lower canine teeth and incisor roots have died and will be extracted. 

When all is said and done, Ernst’s medical bills are expected to be around $2,000. Due to the large cost, the SPCA is asking the public to donate to Ernest or any animal under their care. 

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The SPCA has told Narcity that they will be investigating this animal cruelty case. Without the aid of local law enforcement, the SPCA will be in charge of finding who was responsible and applying the respective charges. We have been told that an investigation into Ernest’s case is already underway.


Life for the gorgeous chocolate lab is looking up! Media personnel with the SPCA has told Narcity that Ernest is recovering amazingly and is stationed in a loving foster home for the next two months. 

When the time comes, this pup will be available for adoption. We have been told that despite his traumatic past, Ernest is an amazing dog and incredibly loving. Even though he is a senior, he is still a puppy at heart and will make the perfect addition to any home. 

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Be sure to check the BC SPCA website for updates on Ernest and to see when you can adopt this pup! 

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