It's official, you guys. Squamish is not only reportedly the hottest city in BC, but in all of Canada. While it seemed that the rain would never end in the PNW, the BC town has made a comeback... and is now sweltering.

According to Global News, Squamish's temperature was recorded at 27.8 C just this past Wednesday, making it the hottest city in Canada right now.

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Global News meteorologist, Mark Madryga, says that,"while the heat will hold on Friday in the B.C. Interior, the South Coast won’t be as hot as Thursday due to a shift to marine air in the afternoon and evening."

Not only did Squamish reach Canada's highest recorded temperature, Chilliwack broke a record on Thursday, April 26. For over 121 years, they have not experienced their 26.5 C weather like they did this week.

However, Madryga adds that the weekend will experience a significant drop in temperatures that will be "accompanied by showers."

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