If we told you there was a bird in Canada causing issues with people and scaring the living daylights out of them you’d probably assume we were talking about the Canada goose.

But for the city of Surrey, B.C. that is not the case, it’s peacocks. Yes really, peacocks.

The birds have been running wild in a part of town for years, but now the city is planning on putting a stop to it. 

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Now if you’re wondering how in the world all these peacocks got here in the first place the answer is that about a decade ago someone had a peacock farm in the area.

The farmer moved away but left the birds behind and ever since they’ve become part of the neighbourhood.

Previously the city said it couldn’t get rid of them because peacocks aren’t covered in the Wildlife Act.

But after some videos of the birds scratching up people’s expensive cars went viral earlier this year, it seems the city has decided to come up with a plan to remove the birds after all. 

In an action plan approved yesterday the city has decided to move the 100 or so birds out of the neighbourhood they’re known to occupy. The plan is to move the birds to the Surrey Wildlife Research Centre.

Anyone caught trying to protect the birds - either by feeding them or trying to keep them from being captured - will be punished with a fine between $250 and $450.  

Some people on social media really want the birds to stay though.

As much as some want them to stay if you're in Surrey its time to say goodbye to the peacocks. 

Source: Global News

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