A TikTok filming in B.C. got a little out of hand. On Tuesday, July 21, Surrey RCMP arrested a group of 12 males after they were spotted engaging in aggressive behaviour during the filming of a TikTok. They were fined afterwards for carrying replica firearms at the park as part of their video stunt. 

In a statement sent to Narcity, Surrey RCMP laid out the details of what occurred on Tuesday evening. 

Just after 7 p.m., local police were notified of a man allegedly wielding a firearm on Colebrooke Road. 

Witnesses who asked for urgent police response reportedly saw a man with the gun put another male into a headlock. The witness also claimed to see the man with the firearm bring the other guy into the bushes. 

A group of officers arrived at the scene which unfolded at Mud Bay Park.

They were able to locate the twelve males involved in the seemingly violent altercation. A dozen guys between the ages of 25 and 30 were arrested as a result. 

After speaking with them, the cops realized that the violent scene was actually just an act for TikTok. 

"The group informed the officers they were filming a TikTok video and had two pistol-style airsoft guns in the bushes," according to the statement. 

RCMP officers combed through the park and discovered two airsoft pistols, one baseball hat, one camera, and a chair with a rope.  

It's unclear what the TikTok was even supposed to be about, but that's some serious effort. 

A video has emerged on Twitter of the men being questioned by the police during the course of their arrest.

The 12 men were released from custody but were issued Bylaw tickets for their actions. 

Under Parks Regulation Bylaw 1998 No.13480, people are not allowed to carry airguns in a park without the prior written permission of the General Manager. 

The penalty associated with that particular violation is $200. Altogether, the 12 guys ended up paying $2400 for using a replica gun as their TikTok prop. 

"Police have a duty to respond to all weapons calls as legitimate public safety concerns,” said Corporal Elenore Sturk, Media Relations Officer for Surrey RCMP. 

She added that this group of young men placed themselves and others at risk "as a result of their poor decision making." 

This isn't the first someone's gotten in trouble for their TikTok antics. An Albertan guy was arrested early April for licking stuff at a shop as part of a TikTok challenge. 

The article's cover photo was used for illustrative purposes only. 

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