A Vancouver Uber driver is facing a huge fine after he was allegedly tricked by Surrey bylaw enforcement to make an illegal pickup. Though other Metro Vancouver cities have welcomed Uber with open arms, Surrey has declined the ride-hailing service. The driver, Carlos Altamirano Medina, had accepted a fare in Surrey which he was apparently not licensed to do. Altamirano Medina believes he was tricked by Surrey bylaw to make an infraction because when he arrived for his pickup he was met by two uniformed bylaw officers. The Surrey Uber infraction may cost him $500.

According to CTV News, he had picked up a passenger from Vancouver International Airport and dropped them off in Surrey on Sunday, January 26.

Shortly after, he received another ride request in Surrey which he accepted. When he arrived, he was met with a passenger who waved him over and asked if he was Carlos.

Moments later two uniformed bylaw officers from the City of Surrey approached his vehicle, telling him that he didn’t have a license to operate in Surrey.

The driver told CTV that the officers told him to cancel the ride request so the passenger wouldn’t be charged as they were a pretend customer.

NEWS 1130 explains that the officers handed the Uber driver a paper that said he might be facing a fine up to $500.

He explained to the news outlet that he felt harassed and that the fake trip cost him time and money and resulted in a poor rating on the application.

According to Global News, Uber has been asked by the City of Surry of cease operations and has respectfully declined the city’s request.

A spokesperson for Uber told Global News that the provincial government has approved Uber and made it clear that cities can’t disallow ride-sharing. Therefore, Uber isn’t about to roll out of Surrey any time soon.

Uber officially launched in Metro Vancouver last week and has been widely utilized in the area since.

B.C. residents have been patiently waiting for years to see Uber land in the west, and it is finally here in real life. Though, it has not arrived without speedbumps when it comes to Surrey.

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