If you feel like you've been getting attacked by mosquitoes more than usual this year, you're probably right. A B.C. pest management company, Morrow Bioscience, told Narcity on Monday, July 6, that there's indeed been a spike in mosquito activity in recent weeks. Apparently this mosquito spike in Metro Vancouver is the worst the area has seen in eight years. 

"2012 was the last bad year we had like this," said Shaun Calver, a mosquito controller at Morrow Bioscience, a pest control organization specialization in mosquito management. 

Calver told CTV News that his team has been deployed to deal with the rising number of mosquitos flying around in Metro Vancouver. 

He attributed to the spike in mosquitos to the rising levels of the Fraser River and the fluctuation in temperatures. 

Apparently, mosquitos lay their eggs on the shores of rivers.

So when a lot of rain pours down and causes the river level to rise and extend over land, a bunch of new mosquitoes begin to hatch. 

The Fraser River water level has increased and decreased three times this year, said CTV, paving the way for more of the little buggers to emerge. 

City News explained that people who live close to the river will be familiar with the feeling of swatting away mosquitoes throughout the day. 

The week ahead will be critical for the pest management team. If the river level rises yet again, the team will have to go back out there and apply larvacide to deal with the little insects. 

Larvicide specifically targets the larva of the mosquitos.

Culver told City News that the larvicide they use is non-toxic. If the water levels are manageable, their team releases the larvicide by hand. 

But if the river levels are a bit difficult to work with, they might even spray it out on canoes or even helicopters. 

Culver also added that cold weather makes mosquito season all the longer and more annoying. 

When asked how long it might take for this intense mosquito season to calm down, Culver told Narcity, "It's going to take several more weeks." 

So if you haven't already stocked up on mosquito repellant, now is the time to do so. 

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