There is never a bad time to adopt a new pet, no matter what people tell you. Whatever chapter of your life you may be starting, ending, or sitting in, a furry little friend makes every day brighter. 

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Lucky for everyone on the west coast looking for a feline friend, the BC SPCA is overflowing with cats and is willing to let people adopt them at a 50% discount! 

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The SPCA announced on Tuesday that until the end of August, you can get an adult cat at 50% off the normal value. That literally means that you can essentially buy two cats for the price of one, talk about a great deal! 

The shelter is considering any cat 18-months and older an adult cat, meaning that you can get little fur babies as young as a year and a half. 

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The reason the SPCA in BC has such a large amount of cats is due to so many animals being evacuated in the spreading wildfires. The SPCA has had to move 127animals out of the northern shelters, causing a strain of resources in the south. 

Typically fees can range between $80 to $150, depending on the age or if your cat is coming with vaccines or neutered. Not only will that price be sliced in half, new adoptions will also come with a free bag of cat food!  

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If you just can't adopt another animal right now but you still want to help the BC SPCA during this hectic time, you can find other ways to help them here

Before you completely say no, you can check out the lovely cats that are looking for homes right here and maybe make a new family member out of this tragic situation. 

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