The Vancouver Police Department is looking for volunteers to day drink on their dime, eat free pizza for lunch and they'll even drive you home. The only catch, you have to complete three sobriety tests. Hey, if that's all we have to do - sign me up.

The VPD recently sent out an email looking for eight to ten "Volunteer Drinkers" to head down to the local police station bright and early, for a day of drinking. Volunteers are required to drink a few shots of hard liquor - no beer or wine - only the strong stuff. 

They will conduct three simple sobriety tests: an eye examination, a walk and turn test, and a one leg stand test. After a few hours of testing, volunteers are offered a pizza lunch and after all of your hard work is done - you will be driven home.

Here's the original email sent out inquiring about volunteers.

The purpose of the day is to allow new VPD recruits to conduct sobriety tests for training. Hey, I'm all for helping our local law enforcement with whatever they need, especially if it involved free alcohol.

Source: CTV News

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