From extreme cold warnings and insane amounts of snowfall, the first few months of  2019 has felt like the peak of winter weather. But of course, it must come to an end eventually. A question among many is when the warm weather will kick in and how warm will it actually be. In order to get us spring-ready, The Weather Network has released a spring 2019 forecast and has predicted what it will feel like here in BC. 

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This spring 2019 forecast released by The Weather Network predicts the weather for March, April, and May for provinces across Canada. According to the forecast, most of us Canadians will not have to wait long for warm weather. This is great news considering how frigid the weather has been recently all over Canada. 

A significant change in weather could be happening as early as March! So start counting down the days and putting away the Canada goose jackets. 

According to the forecast, much of Canada will be experiencing an extended period of mild spring weather about a month earlier than last year. While this sounds great, it is important to keep in mind that spring is a complex season. With this complexity comes a variety of weather including chilly periods and seasonably warm days. 

In BC, we had an extremely snowy February. In fact, BC and Vancouver haven’t seen this much snow in over a decade. It's safe to say we’re ready for a nice, warm break and it looks like we can expect to see that relatively soon. 

A milder and more gentle weather pattern is expected to head to BC next month. For most of March, above seasonal temperatures are being predicted by The Weather Network. 

Of course, with spring being so temperamental, it will not be smooth sailing all the way to summer. Periods of cooler and more unsettled weather are still expected to hit the province at times. But oh well, at least it’s not snow. 

The Weather Network is forecasting that warmth and periods of rain will heighten the threat of flooding. While flooding has the potential to be a problem, the forecast is stating that perception is going to be normal for most of the province. 

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On the other hand, coastal regions north of Vancouver Island will be seeing above normal amounts of precipitation. So while you can probably put away the toque and mittens, you should keep your rain jacket and boots out. 

For now, we can still expect to see some chilly temperatures and some weird weather. Today, Environment Canada issued wind warnings for locations around BC including Metro Vancouver, Greater Victoria, Howe Sound, Fraser Valley, and the Southern Gulf Islands. These areas are all anticipated to be hit with winds of up to 90 km/h. 

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Be sure to visit The Weather Network website to see a complete breakdown of the 2019 spring forecast. 

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