It's almost the weekend in mid-July, which means that it's the perfect time to go to the beach. But according to one Redditor, you definitely shouldn't go to the beach this weekend. 

Redditor @Noodle_And_Liquor claims that there may be a diesel spill at English Bay Beach early this morning. According to his Reddit post, there may be residue from a "diesel spill" that is dangerous to animals and he's warning other Vancouverites from swimming in the water. 

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The thread reads, "Just back from AM swim @ the dog beach behind the Maritime Museum-strong smell of Diesel and sheen on the beach/in the water." It looks like he went for a swim with his dog this morning, only to realize that there was a strong diesel odor coming from the water.

He continued, "Wharfinger has been notified but I suggest keeping [your] dogs out of the water I had waded into my waist before noticing and it took me 10 minutes and a half bottle of dishwashing detergent to clean up. If you like dogs Please spread the word."

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In the second part of the post, he explained that once he realized that he and his dog were covered in slick oil, he notified the Wharfinger at once. Redditors commented in the thread, thanking the good samaritan for warning other locals about the spill.


Another Redditor also commented on the thread about how all minor spills should be reported to the coast guard, stating that it's the job of the coast guard to investigate and clean the spill, no matter how small it is. 

This isn't the first time that English Bay has had an oil spill. Minor spills have been reported throughout recent years. Most significantly, three years ago, 2700 litres of bunker fuel was leaked into English Bay Beach. The cleanup was estimated to have cost half of a million dollars! 

If you plan to go to the beach this weekend, remember to be cautious before going into the water with your pets. 

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