BC has been bombarded with snow lately. The amount of snow has been crazy, with some places in the province seeing upwards of 30 cm of snow. The snow has become such a hassle that many transit systems have closed down, created detours, and are experiencing delays. Air transit is no exception to this. Many major airports in BC are cancelling flights and experiencing delays due to the BC snowstorm

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Since early this morning, the Vancouver International Airport reported an increasing number of cancelled flights. As of publication time, there are 15 cancelled arrival flights from places such as Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, and Nanaimo. There are also a few cancelled departing flights going to Las Vegas, Castlegar, and Nanaimo. 

This major airport is seeing a whopping 90 delayed flights for both arrivals and departures. According to the Vancouver International Airport website, many of the delays are due to winter weather. 

The Victoria International Airport is another airport that is seeing a number of delays and cancellations. So far, the airport is seeing five cancelled flights for both arrivals and departures. According to their website, the flights were traveling to and from places like Vancouver, Seattle, and Kelowna. The airport is also experiencing a number of delayed flights coming and going to the same locations. 

For a short amount of time, the Victoria International Airport had closed its main runway due to snow. Thanks to a fast-acting snow team, the runway was cleared and it is now in operation.

This isn't where the bad luck ended for the airport! They also experienced a power outage suspected to be caused by the weather. A backup generator was used before BC Hydro crews attended the scene and restored regular power. 

While all airports within the city are working hard to create a painless travel experience, many are asking travelers to take it upon themselves by allowing yourself extra time when coming to the airport. All airports are suggesting you give yourself 90 extra minutes to ensure you arrive at the airport safety. This will also give you time to spare to ensure you hit security and check-in. 

Be sure to check your airport's website before departing to double check your flights status. Safe travels! 

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