Love is in the air this month! February is the month for all things mushy and cute and when it comes to destinations, you want to be in the most romantic cities when it's Valentine's Day. Apparently, Amazon Canada knows exactly what Canadian cities are the most loving and they have shared the list with us! That's right, Amazon Canada released a list of the most romantic cities in Canada and these small cities in BC were ranked among the best!

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This definitive list of the most romantic cities in Canada is based on comparing the per capita sales of romantic novels, romantic comedies, relationship books, jewelry, and sexual wellness products, all purchased in 2018. According to this list, BC had quite the love-struck year! Who knew buying copies of Pretty Woman on Amazon Prime would pay off?

The top 20 list has once again named Victoria, BC as the most romantic place in Canada. This is the seventh consecutive year the beautiful city has been given this title! Known for its gorgeous weather, beautiful gardens, and all around loving vibe, it’s apparently also the hub to purchase some of your fav romantic comedies. If you ever want to watch Bridget Jones’s Diary, this is the place to do it! 

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North Vancouver was able to swoop in for the win this year and secure the #4 spot! Vancouver also didn’t do half bad and came in at #15. It may not be top of the list, but hey, at least we made it on! 

Altogether, 7 BC cities cracked the top 20 list! Other notable places in the province include Kelowna and Courtenay. In the Lower Mainland, Vancouver, North Vancouver, Langley and surprisingly Port Coquitlam were on the list as well! Special shoutout to Port Coquitlam, BC for making it on the list! This is the first time the city has been mentioned by the annual Amazon Canada list by securing the 20th spot.

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The entire list in all its glory is as follows:

  1. Victoria, British Columbia
  2. LaSalle, Quebec
  3. Fort McMurray, Alberta
  4. North Vancouver, British Columbia
  5. Spruce Grove, Alberta
  6. Whitehorse, Yukon
  7. Kelowna, British Columbia
  8. Sherwood Park, Alberta
  9. Courtenay, British Columbia
  10. Bowmanville, Ontario (new)
  11. Grande Prairie, Alberta
  12. Airdrie, Alberta
  13. Waterloo, Ontario
  14. Oakville, Ontario
  15. Vancouver, British Columbia
  16. Langley, British Columbia
  17. Burlington, Ontario
  18. North Bay, Ontario
  19. Aurora, Ontario (new)
  20. Port Coquitlam, British Columbia (new)   

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Well, there you have it. The list of the 20 most romantic cities in Canada. Now we know our Valentines Day will be epic! 

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