The fake power outlet sticker is a prank that has been taking over airports, and a Canadian airport has fallen victim to the trending prank. This relatively harmless prank is pretty easy to pull off so it's no surprise that it's so trendy. 

If you have not heard of this prank yet, here's what's up, people have been putting up stickers of fake power outlets at airports throughout North America and filming the hilarious results. 

The Vancouver Airport experienced this prank yesterday, and took to Twitter to report, tweeting " Whoever did this - you are evil". They also said that they were on the lookout for the #OutletBandit. The tweet has since gained over 600 likes and more than 150 retweets.

Tons of people, including other airports, have been tweeting at YVR about this prank and the Vancouver airport has been replying back to the #OutletBandit, saying that it's not only YVR that has been pranked. According to Twitter users, airports like Los Angeles International Airport and Orlando International Airport have also been seen with fake outlet stickers. 

Amazon does sell fake power outlet stickers, which you can check out here. So who knows which airport could be next?

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And while we do not know who's behind this prank or when it will happen again, we do know one thing for sure - YVR airport is killing the Twitter game. 

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