If you're in search of a job right now, this article might be a helpful answer. A Canadian province is experiencing a shortage of teachers and is in need of hiring. Oh, and you don't even necessarily need to be certified or have previous teaching experience. 

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British Columbia is currently facing a lack of teachers and education staff and the province is looking to hire around 400 people. If you're not interested in teaching, there are still other open positions listed on the Careers in BC Education website.

There are a variety of postings available on the Careers in BC Educationwebsite. In addition to regular teaching positions, there are more administrative jobs available, with positions like office and clerical staff, as well as management and directorial opportunities such as financial management, human resources, maintenance, and information technology. 

Last year, tons of people were hired: 3,700 teachers, and 1,500 of those new hires were recent graduates of B.C. universities, Education Minister Rob Fleming told News1130. But despite hiring thousands of people, there still aren't enough teachers in the province right now. 

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So how is it that you can work as a teacher without a teaching certification? Well right now there is a record-breaking amount of unqualified teachers, the BC Teachers’ Federation Union president, Glen Hansman, told News1130, "There is a mechanism under the School Act that does, in exceptional cases, allow for people to get what is called a 'letter of permission'".

“These are people who didn’t go to teacher training and probably have a university degreebut not necessarily — who are given permission to work for an extended period of time in a school system," said Hansman. According to him, schools in the province are permitted to employ uncertified teachers as long as it's for shorter time periods. 

There are currently 450 uncertified teachers working in British Columbia, said Hansman. Although certified teachers are preferred and more needed, it appears that you can still be hired as a teacher for shorter periods of time even if you don't have a certification.

If you're a teacher struggling to find an open position in your province, why not relocate to beautiful British Columbia? The BC Public School Employers’ Association has a guide for teachers relocating to B.C. that you can check out here

You can also apply for the many other, non-teaching positions available on the website if you don't think teaching is the right fit for you. Check out all the postings on the Careers in BC Education website here. According to the website, they are currently looking to hire over 500 people. 

If you're wondering approximately how much a teacher makes in British Columbia, they make around $89,810 a year in Vancouver. To see how it stacks up to other teaching positions in other provinces, check out our article comparing teacher salaries across Canada here

This shortage has been a problem in British Columbia for quite some time and has rendered some education officials seriously worried. "We are very concerned. We are in about the same position that we were in this time last year,” Hansman told News1130. "We got into the second month of the school year last year, and then the third one, and then the fourth one — there were still hundreds of positions that were left unfilled."

For more information or to apply for a job with BC Education, you can visit their website here

Source: News 1130

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