Despite political tensions with the United States and their use of retaliatory tariffs, Canadians are proving that niceness is more important after a number of people have supported the recent firing of a Vancouver restaurant manager. 

Global News reported today that the manager of the Teahouse, owned by the Sequoia Company of Restaurants, was let go after they refused to serve a customer wearing a Make America Great Again hat. 

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After word got out that the manager had refused service to the Trump supporter, the company released a statement saying “Sequoia does not support intolerance of any kind, and it is because of these principles that we cannot discriminate against someone based on their support for the current administration in the United States or any other bona fide political party.” 

The reason given for terminating the manager was that they violated Sequoia's philosophy of tolerance. 

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According to a friend of the manager involved in the incident, the manager did NOT refuse service to the hat wearing American. But instead, he had only asked him to remove the hat. Which is different from what the Sequoia Company of Restaurants reported. 

Given tensions between Canada and the US right now, one may expect people to be in support of the manager, but instead, people are on the side of Sequoia, saying tolerance should be applied to everyone. 

That said, there are still some people who are against the hat and everything people claim that it represents such as hatred, sexism, and racism. In a Reddit thread people are debating tolerance with some saying the restaurant made a good choice, while others say they were hypocritical and didn't tolerate the manager's views. 

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The Make America Great Again hats have gotten other Canadians in trouble. Last year an Ontario judge was fired for wearing one and in 2016 a video of a Calgary student involved in a confrontation for wearing one of the hats went viral. 

Source: Global News

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