A new annual about the most popular filming destinations and landmarks across the globe reveals that a Canadian university is one the most filmed locations worldwide. The rankings were released from GoCompare. They released their findings of the locations and cities where the most movies have been filmed. They analyzed the data and location information provided by IMDB. Their findings reveal that the University of British Columbia in Vancouver is one of the most filmed destinations in the world.

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UBC was the only Canadian location to make the list. It came in ninth place for the most filmed locations in the entire world. According to GoCompare's findings, a whopping 91 movies have been filmed at the University of British Columbia.

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Hollywood movies such as X-Men 2, Fifty Shades of Grey, She's The Man, Age of Adaline, The Butterfly Effect and Fantastic Four are among the dozens of films to have used UBC as a backdrop. 

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Not only are movies frequently filmed at UBC, but TV shows too. Shows that have used UBC as a set include Smallville, Once Upon A Time, Supernatural, The X-Files and more. 

Central Park, Venice Beach and Greenwich Village were named the most filmed locations in the world. Another university also made it onto the list – UCLA in Los Angeles, California. The majority of the most filmed locations were in the United States, with the exception of UBC, and a few places in England. 

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UBC is located in Vancouver, so it makes sense that the university is one of the most filmed locations in the world because Vancouver is one of the most filmed cities and often dubbed "Hollywood North". Vancouver also made it onto GoCompare's list as the 14th city where the most movies were filmed. 

Toronto was the only other Canadian city to make the list, coming in right behind Vancouver at 15th. A total of 442 movies have been filmed in Vancouver and 389 in Toronto, according to GoCompare's findings. 

To find out more about the rankings, you can visit GoCompare's website

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