A video of two teenagers filming themselves throwing lit firecrackers at a homeless woman in a B.C. town is now circulating the Internet. The video was posted on Facebook on Tuesday, October 30th and locals are absolutely disgusted by their cruel behaviour.

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A local resident from Chilliwack, B.C., Bailey Istace was not happy about the teens' horrible reckless behaviour and took to social media to call them out. She shared the Snapchat video that they had posted onto her Facebook page and slammed them for the dangerous act.

The video shows two teenagers driving in a car and throwing a firecracker out the window. It nearly hits a homeless woman that is on the street sleeping outside of a local store. According to Istace, the account of one of the teenagers who threw the firecracker has now been taken down. 

In the video, it appears that the teenagers were targeting the homeless woman. One of the teenagers can be heard saying, "F*ck it, we're going to miss it. We're going to miss it," right before they throw the firecracker aimed at the woman sleeping outside of the store. The caption for the Snapchat video is also "make em dance", which could imply that they wanted to startle the homeless woman. 

Bailey Istace also explained the story behind the video in her Facebook caption and called out the two teenagers for their actions. "So tonight some immature teenagers decided to throw some highly flammable firecrackers (m80’s) at a homeless woman sleeping outside a store front," wrote Istace. "This woman is homeless for 1 and for 2 this is all that she has, a couple more inches towards her stuff and it would have all caught on fire in seconds. Not impressed at how 2 teenagers have to put the stereotype of us all being “bad people” out there."

She also asked people who knew the homeless woman's whereabouts to check in on her. "And for any teenagers who see this woman please tell her we’re not all like this and offer her some coffee or something, sit down and have a chat with her about this," wrote Istace. "Make sure she knows that it was just two dumbasses ruining it for everyone but we’re not all like that". 

People are praising Istace for publically condoning their actions and ripping apart the behaviour of the teenagers. Here are some reactions from locals. You can also see the full Facebook post for yourself. 

Via Screenshot | Facebook

Via Screenshot | Facebook

The Chilliwack RCMP had said it is currently investigating an incident that sounds similar to this one, but did not confirm if it was the one depicted in the video, according to CTV News

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