While getting out in the fresh air is normally a good thing, the popularity of one British Columbia trail is actually causing some issues for the provincial park. So much show that now the municipality of Pemberton is asking for help from the government.

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Joffre Lakes Provincial Park is a popular hiking destination close to Whistler, B.C. Tons of people across the province come to the park to hike the trail down to their beautiful 10-kilometre trail filled with incredible scenery. 

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The issue is that due the popularity of the trail, the park is actually getting trashed with garbage and experiencing cars parked for hundreds of metres around the entrance. 

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While provincial parks are unregulated with fee's or booking in British Columbia, Pemberton village thinks that this may be what is needed to preserve the beauty of the park. With too many visitors, they're worried that the trash and litter will add up to damage the park in the long run. 

The park already bans dogs and other pets from the park but they believe the next step to fighting the damage comes from ensuring the trail is not overused. 

CBC also reported that the money would go towards infrastructure, enforcement, maintenance and staffing in the park to ensure that the natural beauty is not diminished. 

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The popularity of nature is always a good thing but when it can actively destroy that beauty, something has to be done. Here's hoping that Joffre Lakes park figures out the right balance of maintenance to delay hurting this Canadian treasure. 

Source: CBC 

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