The entire country has been waiting for October 17th to come and now it's only one day away. If you're looking to smoke up in BC, there's only one Cannabis store that will be open tomorrow and we have the exact location for you.

As Wednesday approaches, locals are getting excited to finally purchase government quality and approved marijuana and each province has their own methods for distributing the newly legalized substance. 

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BC's first ever Cannabis store is located in Kamloops.

We've covered this information before. Three short months ago, we reported on what the new Cannabis store would look like! They've even stated that they'll have a cannabis expert working to help you shop for all of your marijuana needs. 

The store is located at 200-1210 Summit Dr, Kamloops BC.  If you click the link, it will take you to the direct address of where the shop will be opening up. The storefront used to be a Dollar Store but will officially open up as a BC Cannabis Store on October 17th. 

Since this is the only location opening up in all of BC, you can expect crowds of people and a super long line to get in! 

If you're interested in shopping online from the comfort of your own home, here's the link to BC's Cannabis Store

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