Vegans, vegetarians and health freaks of Vancouver get ready, because one of Vancouver's newest hipster cafes just opened in Railtown.

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Vital Supply Co. Cafe + Blend Bar opened it's doors just a little over two weeks ago at 686 Powell St. and it is amazing! They are one part food cafe, one part coffee shop, one part smoothie bar, and a thousand parts awesome!

Serving up super delicious healthy and fresh breakfast and lunch items with locally sourced ingredients, you're not only doing good to your body, but also the community.

via @vitalblendbar

via @vitalblendbar

The most important part (totally not being bias or anything), they offer smoothies, smoothie bowls, as well as coffee for all our caffeine crazed locals here. FYI - all their hemp, almond, and coconut milk is organic and made in house.

via @chefreubs

Okay, maybe you're the type of person who wants to eat clean (like the rest of Vancouver) but ain't got the time for that sit and chill at a cafe life, no problem. Vital Cafe has freshly prepared meals packed ready-to-go in take-out boxes that you can grab with your morning coffee and bring to work or take back home because let's face it, we're too lazy to cook.

And did we mention that the interior is trés Insta-worthy? From the moment you walk in, the adorable floor tiles beg you to bust out your smartphone and snap a shot.

via @stgraye

(Flip through this multi-image IG post!! ??)

via @vitalblendbar

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Vital Cafe and as their catch phrase says "FEED YOUR VITALS"!

Vital Cafe + Blend Bar is located on 686 Powell St. Open Monday to Friday 8AM to 4PM.

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