If you're anything like me, just walking passed the doors of Lush will seduce you in. The scents and smells that flood out onto the streets are enough to put me in a trance, step inside and spend hours there until the next thing you know, I'm stepping back out with at least 8 new bath bombs and a new bar of soap.

But now allow Lush to really sweep you off your feet by introducing to you their long-awaited Lush Gorilla Perfume IV Collection with a full sensory art installation pop up that includes 10 super Instagram-worthy rooms.

So bust out your phones and start snapping away because these Lush "perfume rooms" are about to fill up the next few rows of your Insta feed.

Each room is dedicated to a new Lush perfume, a collection of scents ranging from Cardamom Coffee to Sweet Grandma. Every single room is a unique experience that stimulates every one of your senses.

From sight and sound, touch and smell, each "perfume room" is a tells a story. You can walk through the rooms, sit in the rooms, and even smell the rooms! Seriously, the walls and fabrics are all scented! No scratching needed.

The Lush Pop Up also features a blank canvas with the words #WhatWouldLoveDo printed on it. You're totally encouraged to pick up a Sharpie and write on the canvas so you can be a part of the show. Not only that, there's even a disco selfie room where you can play dress up, have your own dance party inside, and snap a few for the gram. 

When you've finished with your Insta-photoshoot and sniffed all of the scents, they have a little perfume boutique at the front of the shop where you can purchase your favourite scent.

The Lush Gorilla Gallery is located at 536 Seymour St and is open from September 26 to 28 from 11AM to 7PM, and September 29 to 30 from 11AM to 8PM.

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