It may not only be regular citizens lighting up after the legalization of pot on October 17. Vancouver police will be allowed to as well, even before they work, as long as they show up competent and capable for duty. 

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Once pot does becomes legal, the Vancouver Police Department will not be imposing a specific time restriction between smoking weed and starting work, but are required to show up fully ready and capable for work. 

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This policy will contrast that of the Canadian Armed Forces, who requires their employees to not use cannabis in the eight hours leading up to when they start work and for 24 hours before if using a firearm while on duty. 

How pot will be handled in the VPD workplace is remaining consistent with their current policies regarding alcohol and prescription drugs. So, it appears that after the legalization of marijuana on October 17th, in the VPD, cannabis will be treated with the same level of strictness, not more harshly, as matters such as drinking.

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Regarding this new policy, Spokesman Const. Jason Doucett said, according to the Vancouver Sun, “Training around the VPD’s impairment at the workplace policy will contain information on the latest research on the use of cannabis. We want to provide our officers with the latest information so they can make an informed decision when it comes to cannabis use and being fit for duty.”

There is no word yet on whether the RCMP will have more relaxed or strict regulations regarding marijuana use as they have yet to confirm what exactly their policy will be. Several other police departments in BC have also yet to finalize their policy. 

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