Canada's weather has been all over the place lately and the only thing that's certain is how unpredictable it is. In some provinces, like Alberta and B.C., there's already up to 60 cm of snowfall. In others, such as Ontario, there's 20 something degree weather and summer is still going strong

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This insane weather has shattered records in multiple provinces, but in one especially. British Columbia broke 39 weather records in just a single day, according to a tweet by Environment Canada. There was record-breaking snowfall and cold temperatures in the province on October 3rd; some of the previous records were over one hundred years old. 

There have been record-breaking low temperatures for several regions in B.C. Many cities in the province are experiencing the lowest maximum or minimum temperature they've seen in years, some the lowest in over 130 years. Many places have already dropped to subzero temperatures. 

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The high amount of snowfall at this time of year is not normal either. Seven records have been broken for the amount of snowfall the province is experiencing. Sparwood, B.C. has gotten an astounding 59 cm of snow. 

Even though Vancouver is still experiencing sunny skies, the city also saw a record low for temperature, exhibiting that the warm summer weather is long gone. According to The Vancouver Sunit was recorded by Environment Canada that it dropped to 1.6 degrees at the Vancouver Airport yesterday. This broke the previous record, which was 81 years ago, in 1937.

Fortunately, snow is not forecasted to hit Vancouver anytime soon. The city is one of the few places in the province that has yet to experience their first snowfall of the season. No snow is forecasted for the month of October currently, according to The Weather Network. But then again, with the wild weather changes, you never know right? 

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BC is only one of the provinces experiencing extreme weather changes. Several provinces also received record-breaking snow and cold temperatures as early as September, such as Alberta and Saskatchewan. 

And for those that have been enjoying the summer weather, it looks like it may not last for long. Although Ottawa has been enjoying warm weather lately at temperatures of around 20 degrees, there is expected to be a major drop in temperature in the city tonight– we're talking about a near 20 degree Celsius drop here. It's expected to drop to almost zero degrees Celsius tonight, according to Environment Canada. 

Many other weather alerts are in place for various provinces right now, according to Environment Canada. To check whether there is a weather advisory or warning for your region, you can visit their website here to see the public weather alerts across the country. 

It's been a wild autumn in Canada so far–actually, it may not be fair to call it fall because the season was pretty much cancelled in Canada. Now that it's October but the weather already feels like the middle of winter, who knows what winter will bring? At least we know Canadians know how to make the most of it

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