Cyclists across the country are aware of how dangerous the roads can be. While Toronto has been getting a lot of attention lately for its lack of bike safety, this video proves other cities are just as dangerous. 

A cyclist in Vancouver was almost completely crushed by a massive gas tanker truck and a driver caught the whole incident on camera. 

The cyclist is seen riding in a marked bike lane and even pulls up past the tanker at one point. It isn't until the tanker goes to make a right turn into what appears to be a gas station that the incident occurs. 

The cyclist is cut off by the turning truck and then to make matters worse, the turn is too tight and the truck actually snags on the bike, pulling it underneath the wheels s the cyclist jumped off just in time. 

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Cyclists across the country are calling for motorists to be more careful and aware of cyclists, while other also think that cyclists are equally responsible and don't always follow the rules of the road. 

In Vancouver alone, there have been two incidents recently. In one a rider was killed after colliding with a dump truck and in the other, a cyclist shared a video of a collision with a car that got a lot of attention online. 

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It is unknown what the result of the most recent collision between the tanker and cyclist was or if a police report was filed. 

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