An American TV Host interviewed a K-Pop band live on October 9th and she appeared noticeably surprised to hear that one of the members could speak perfect English, and in her words, "awesome" English. The internet is clearly not here for it and this response sparked a ton of backlash. 

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A host on the morning television show, Good Day LA, interviewed K-pop group NCT 127. In the interview, the host asks one of the members of the group if he is from Canada. 19-year-old Mark Lee, a Canadian Korean rapper, confirms her question and responds to her saying that he is from Vancouver. In which the host says, "Very cool. Your English is awesome, I love it."

The Internet is never slow to pick up on things and before long, Twitter user @haspuwu posted the encounter on the platform and it went viral. He captioned it, "I mean he’s from Canada, what is he supposed to speak, moose". Check out the tweet below: 

The tweet went viral really fast since it was posted two days ago on October 9th. The video in the tweet has since gotten over 170,000 views on Twitter. It also sparked tons of responses–almost 10,000 retweets and over 100 comments as of now. 

Many Canadians have responded to the original user's hilarious caption about Canadians speaking "moose". One Twitter user, @WithLoveTas143, commented, "As a Canadian myself, I can confirm we do in fact speak moose". Check out more comments from Twitter users about the new language that Canadians are apparently fluent at called "moose". 

Jokes aside, others were just plain outraged that the host was surprised at Lee's English skills. One Twitter user, @bidaisyjohnson, said, "this is so painful to watch oh my GOD". Another user, @Vampire_Heart18, tweeted, "It blows my mind sometimes that some people think just because an asian person is asian that they only speak their nationalities language and no other language (same goes for some other races)". 

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Check out some of the responses below. 

Later in the interview, Lee also touches upon growing up in Vancouver and blesses the host with his "awesome" English skills again. This part of the interview was also posted by Twitter user @haspuwu. Check it out: 

NCT-127 was on Good Day LA for an interview and to perform their new single for the show. NCT-127 is a South Korean K-Pop group part of the NCT group from SM Entertainment. The NCT concept is having unlimited members that are based in different cities around the world. 

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