You may remember hearing about this story years ago. A very wealthy woman decided to pay millions for a beautiful upscale mansion in Vancouver's Shaughnessy neighbourhood. That was until she found out that one of the family members of the home was murdered just outside their front steps.

Back in 2007, Feng Yun Shao agreed to buy the home for $6.1 million from the previous owner, Mei Zhen Wang. Once she caught wind about the house's sorted past, she backed out of the deal, claiming that she was misled when she agreed to buy the home. Shao demanded that she get her deposit back and Wang was suing Shao for breaking their agreement. Well, it's finally gone to court and a judge has ruled on the case. 

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Not only did Shao find out about the murder, she found out that the son in law of the previous owner, Raymond Huang, was allegedly a Chinese triad leader. He was alleged to be the leader of Vancouver's most notorious gang, "Big Circle Boys" and he was gunned down outside of the home.

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The previous owner's youngest daughter was kicked out of school after the death, which made the family decide to sell the house and buy a new condo closer to her new private school. When Shao asked about the current owners and why they were selling, she wasn't told about the killing. She was only told that the daughter was switching schools to improve her English, which was not the complete truth.

Justice Paul Pearlman ruled on Friday that the home's previous owner, Wang was guilty of "fraudulent representation" to sell the house, and ordered her to return Shao's $300,000 deposit plus interest. Even though Wang wasn't legally obliged to include the killing in the property disclosure statement, Ms Shao did ask enough inquiring questions that should have resulted in their honest reason for selling, Huang's murder. 

Source: CBC News

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