Every once in a while your phone will ring and a strange unknown number pops up. Most of us are no strangers to scam calls, but for this 58-year-old Vancouver woman a Canada Revenue agency scam call led to her arrest by fake police. 

The woman received a phone call on Wednesday from a person claiming to be a part of Canada Revenue, informing her that she owed $6000 in taxes and that there was a warrant for her arrest. 

Via Michel Bussieres/Dreamstime.com

Following that phone call, the woman received another call from someone claiming to be a part of the RCMP who convinced her to disclose her personal information and location. 

Via Seregal/Dreamstime.com

That's when two men dressed as RCMP officers showed up at her door with firearms before handcuffing and forcing her into the backseat of a sedan. The woman was taken to a Bitcoin machine in Surrey, B.C. where she was forced to deposit the cash before being abandoned by the fake RCMP officers. 

The Vancouver police have been aware of such scams, and are ruling this scenario as a kidnapping. Police warn members of the public to hang up on anybody claiming to be from the Canada Revenue Agency. 

Source: CTV News 

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