Fall in Vancouver has been unusually nice, and people have been absolutely loving it. However, all good things have to come to an end, and the nice, sunny autumn weather that graced the city has been cancelled because Raincouver is back in full force. 

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Yesterday, Vancouver's crazy weather caused flooding throughout the city. Many were forced to drive home through the floods, others abandoned their cars and it left the entire city in shock! Locals have taken to social media to document just how insane the rain has been.

Many posts are absolutely wild. One video even shows a car pretty much "swimming" through the streets of Vancouver. Twitter user @DawnMoshonas posted a video with the text "swimming home". Check out the full video and post below and just try not to be shocked. 

There were many other videos and photos that proved Vancouver is really not where you want to be right now. Check out some more of them below! Good luck driving today Vancouverites. 

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The intense rainfall resulted in flooding various Vancouver roads and tons of cars were completely stranded. There was over 120 calls for help to city officials, according to CBC News

It is still raining today, and rainfall is forecasted to continue for the rest of the week, according to Accuweather. If you're sick of the wet weather already, here's some good news to brighten up your day: it's supposed to be super sunny next week on November 7th, based on the Accuweather forecast. 

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