By no means am I an expert on the topic, but from the looks of it, being a hitman isn't easy. You have to successfully kill people, which you would think would weigh heavily on someone's conscience, all while not getting caught. 

But one 18-year-old from Hamilton, Ontario thought taking a hit, i.e. killing someone for money, would be a quick and easy way to make $200,000. Unfortunately, he couldn't have been more wrong. His complete failure of an assassination attempt was caught on camera. 


The video which was released by CBC shows the moment Knowah Ferguson, then only 18 years old, tried to kill Damion Ryan, who is a member of the Hell's Angels. The assassination was meant to happen at the food court of the Vancouver airport. 

In the video, you can see Ferguson, who is disguised in a burka, walk around before coming up behind Ryan and putting a gun to the back of his head. Unfortunately for Ferguson, the gun jams and Ryan realizes what is happening and gets up to run away. 

Ferguson also runs away from the scene. What makes this story even wilder though is that in order to escape, both men end up getting on the exact same train. They were in different cars, away from the airport, but it's likely they didn't know the other one was also on the train. 

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Ferguson was arrested two months after the failed assassination. Although Ryan apparently didn't cooperate with police in the investigation, Ferguson, who is now 21, was still convicted with attempted murder earlier this month.  He was sentenced to seven years in prison. 

Source: CBC

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