It's not uncommon to stay in houses and apartments when you're travelling, especially if you're looking for places to stay on apps like Airbnb or VRBO. Most of us love looking for cute places to stay when we're on vacation and Airbnb always had adorable options. 

However, some of us prefer the hotel life. Well, if you were planning to rent a hotel in Richmond, BC you may have been surprised if you booked with a certain local "business owner" who was running an illegal hotel operation out of her own house!


No, I'm not joking. According to Richmond News, a local homeowner was seriously running an illegal hotel out of her home in BC. You can see that the "Sports Home Hotel" is still being advertised on booking websites like

Neighbours confirmed that the owner purchased the house back in 2015 but never moved in. According to the source, friends of the owner rented the place and began the illegal hotel operation. 

The neighbour also confirmed that since the owner didn't live there, lots of unsupervised guests would come in and out of the house at all times, since they had keypad access to the home. 

Via Google Maps

The home is located at 7508 Railway Avenue, Richmond. You can see from Google Maps that it's an ordinary home with very real neighbours. We can't believe that the owner has been running it as a hotel for this long! 

Online, the "Sports Home Hotel" is listed beginning at $120 per night with four different room types. Each room accommodates two to four guests. 


The city had enough evidence to prove that the owner was not abiding by the by-laws of running a "Bed and Breakfast" service. The owner has been issued multiple warnings and tickets for the illegal activity. Now, the owner has been fined $2000 and has been told to stop running the illegal business.

Source: Richmond News

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