Vancouver is known for being the Canadian city that is always associated with rain. After all, it's dubbed Raincouver and that name has stuck for years. This year, however, it's shed the nickname for the fall season because it's rained way less than normal in the month of November; so little that Toronto is currently on track to rain more than Vancouver, proving the weather in Canada is just whack right now. 

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Toronto has been experiencing some wild weather lately. The weather has been all over the place. It's supposed to snow tonight, and this month has seen all sorts of weather. There's been rain, there's been sun and there's been snow and the only thing that's predictable is that Toronto weather can't make up its mind. 

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If Toronto can defeat Vancouver for the rainiest month, it's just further proof that the weather is completely insane in Canada right now – and it looks like that might soon be the case. 

The Weather Network said that "it may be Vancouver's rainy season, but Toronto is giving the wet west a run for its money this November" in a news release yesterday. The two cities have had almost the exact same amount of rainfall so far, which is so weird because the November average for Vancouver is usually more than double that of Toronto's. 

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November is normally the rainiest month of the year for Vancouver. However, there's a new normal this month because there's only been 61 mm of rainfall so far and that's only 32 percent of the typical November average of 189 mm, according to The Weather Network. On a side note, is it depressing or what that Vancouver normally gets that much rain! 

Toronto usually only gets 75 mm in November, but we're not even halfway through the month yet and there's already been 59 mm of rain in the city – 79 percent of the typical amount of November rain, according to The Weather Network.

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The weather for Toronto is expected tonight and tomorrow but fortunately, it's not all bad news. Sunshine is returning to the city (as we said, the weather is all over the freaking place) this weekend before it snows again next week on Wednesday, as forecasted by The Weather Network

As for Vancouver, besides some rainfall tomorrow, it's going to be sunny all weekend long as well. There will be some showers next week, according to The Weather Network

Based on the percentage of rainfall that The Weather Network shared, it looks like Toronto might overtake Vancouver for the rainiest city in November. Toronto has had a 92 percentage of rainy days in November, while Vancouver has only had 62 percent. 

Source: The Weather Network

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