Whoever is in charge of TransLink's social media deserves an award for their Instagram roast of a Vancouver passenger. According to the post, a passenger was a little late to their train last Thursday, October 24. In a desperate attempt to keep the doors from closing, chucked their Tim Hortons to wedge them open. While the tactic backfired, the TransLink Tim Hortons photo made for some great entertainment.

TransLink's post was accompanied by a hilarious missed connection-style caption. "Granville Station SkyTrain Platform
6:50 p.m. on October 24 - You were running for the departing SkyTrain, and in a desperate bid to get on the train, you threw your @timhortons bag at the closing doors in hopes that - like an elevator, the doors would open and you and your beloved Tim's would be on your way to your destination. Hopefully, we can connect again soon over a double-double :)" reads the caption.

The SkyTrain service we have grown to love β€” and hate at times β€” actually managed to impress social media with their post. 

In the photo, you can see that the passenger decided to toss their Tim Hortons bag filed with Timbits and goodies at the door in an attempt to jam it and keep it from closing. TransLink used it as an opportunity to warn passengers that not only does this tactic not work, but you'll probably get roasted for doing it too. The Tim Hortons bag arrived at the destination, but the passenger did not.

"A reminder to both Tim's and non-Tim's carrying customers: We want you to have a safe and pleasant journey. That means take it slow, don't run for the train (another is coming soon!), hold on, and follow transit etiquette because safety is fundamental β€” and it starts with you," reads TransLink's post.

While this was a great opportunity to poke some fun, TransLink is also taking this time to remind passengers to arrive on time, slow down, and follow transit rules. Charging the doors is dangerous, so it's best to play it safe and wait for the next train to arrive.

TransLink BC was named one of the best North American transit systems and even beat out other major Canadian cities. Clearly, they also score points for their sense of humour.

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