One of the basic rules of the road is to always have your license on you. On Tuesday, February 25, police in B.C. pulled over a truck driver who didn't just forget his license, but also he only had a learning permit fit for a teenager. The commercial truck driver with an L licence was just one of many commercial vehicles recently pulled off the road being unsafe. 

The vehicle was pulled over during the routine commercial vehicle checks that Burnaby RCMP are doing from Tuesday, February 25 to Friday, February 28.

It weighed 11,700 kilograms. A vehicle that size might be able to crush a smaller car without the driver realizing.

Cpl. Michael Kalanj, a media spokesperson for Burnaby RCMP, told Narcity that the driver didn't have his license with him. When police ran his name in their database, they found that he was also driving unsupervised with an "L" license.

An "L" license, for context, is the first license you get as a student driver in B.C. All you need to earn it is to pass a multiple-choice test and be over 16. No actual driving test on the road is necessary.

Additionally, to even drive with an "L," you'd need a supervisor with a full license present.

"It's an infraction itself not having a license, of course, and also because he has an L, he needed to have a supervisor with him. Which he did not. Based on that alone, we couldn't let him drive away," Kalanj continued.

On top of everything, the vehicle wasn't in roadworthy condition to begin with.

"The vehicle had, just, it was missing a lot of things that it should have had," Kalanj explained.

For example, half of its lights were burned out. This included headlights, brake lights, and turn signals.

Plus, its rubber bumper pads were being held on by tape. Kalanj said that they could've fallen off at any time.

"If these things fall off on the highway at higher speeds, no telling what they could do to the driver behind them," noted Kalanj.

Burnaby RCMP started a commercial vehicle enforcement "blitz" on Tuesday, February 25. Kalanj said they're stopping commercial trucks specifically to make sure they're up to spec.

Concerningly, a majority were not.

Given how dangerous road accidents are, especially collisions with giant vehicles like commercial trucks, it's good to know that RCMP are on the lookout for unqualified drivers.

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