Yesterday, Tuesday, February 28, was the opening of the very controversial Trump International Hotel & Tower at 1161 W Georgia St. The building is "69 storeys" high (actually only 63) and took $360 million to complete.

Designed by the acclaimed Canadian architect Arthur Erickson, the spiralling hotel is the second tallest building in Vancouver (first still being Shangri La) and has definitely changed our city skyline.

Whether you like it or not, the Trump Hotel is here, and this is what it looks like (just in case you missed us on Snapchat yesterday).

And for a slightly closer up look, here are a few stills:

Hotel Rooms and Suites

  • 147 Guest rooms and suites
  • 19 Different styles
  • Rates start from $400/room/night and $500/suite/night

via @trumpvancouver


  • 2 Level night club
  • Poolside lounge with outdoor jacuzzi
  • 7,754 sq. ft.
  • State of the art ceiling light fixtures

The Trump Champagne Lounge

  • Exclusive drinks such as the Louis III and Juniper's Knot
  • Glamorous seating and atmosphere
  • Seats up to 1,000 guests

The Spa by Ivanka Trump

  • Boutique nail studio with 3 spots for manicure and pedicure
  • Individual and couples spa suites; including steam room and deep soaking tub for two
  • Open to public on March 2

Mott 32

  • Chinese fine-dining featuring all-day Dim Sum
  • Seats up to 147 guests
  • 6,318 sq. ft.

via @mott32van

via @vivimacaron

via @malcolmgwood

But of course not everyone is so excited about the hotel's grand opening. Inside and outside the hotel were police on guard, and upset protesters waving their signs and beating their drums. People even wrote what they felt needed to be said on Post-It notes, then stuck them to the walls of the hotel.

So just outside the Trump doors, this was happening...

Whatever your thoughts are about Trump or his hotel, it's here in Vancouver, and it seems like it's staying. For now at least.

All images photographed by Narcity Mediaexcluding posts from Instagram.

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