What first started as a parking dispute quickly turned into an intense fight this past weekend in Canada when two people got into a violent brawl over a parking spot in Canada. Footage of the fight surfaced online and the video is definitely hard to watch. The incident started all over a parking spot in Vancouver, BC and ended in a violent fight. 

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The fight took place at a parking lot in East Vancouver on Saturday, January 26 at 12:30 PM, according to CityNews. It occurred at the First Avenue Marketplace, which is located at Renfrew and Nanaimo Street. This is a busy marketplace in the area and is home to a T & T Supermarket, several restaurants and more. 

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The whole incident was captured on video and posted to Youtube by Kazumaco. Since being uploaded just two days ago on January 26, the video has gone viral and accumulated over 150,000 views and over 400 comments. The Youtube video was titled "parking dispute gone wrong" and the description read, "Vancity parking lot fight broke out because of a parking spot". 

Check out the video footage below of the fight that was uploaded to Youtube. 

The video starts out with a man who is wearing a white jacket entering another driver's car to attack him, reportedly because the driver took his parking spot. A woman tries to pull him away before the fight starts, but he pushes her off.

Via Kazumaco | Youtube

Via Kazumaco | Youtube

The two men then start violently fighting in the front seats of the car and the brawl quickly intensifies. The video shows the man in the white jacket on top of the other driver as he punches him without stopping. You can also hear the car horn honked several times as they fight inside the car.  

Via Kazumaco | Youtube

When the fight starts, the person filming the video is heard saying, "Hey, stop it right now! Stop this right now". He then tells other witnesses to call the police, and a woman is heard speaking to 911. 

It isn't until around a minute later that the fight is broken up by several people. More people start approaching the car and try to tear the two drivers away from each other.  

Via Kazumaco | Youtube

After the brawl in the car ends, the two people get out of the car but it appears the man in the white jacket is not done yet. He takes off his coat and begins to charge at the other driver. A woman then tries to prevent him from fighting again and attempts to push him away from the driver. 

Around two and a half minutes in after the brawl has ended, the man in the white jacket charges at the other driver. The two men briefly begin to fight again before the woman breaks up the brawl. 

The Vancouver police are now investigating the incident, according to Global News. One of the men had minor injuries but turned down medical attention at the scene, Sgt. Jason Robillard told Global NewsIf you have any information about this incident, you can contact the Vancouver Police Department's non-emergency phone line at (604) 717-3321.

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