Just because it’s 420 doesn’t mean that the COVID-19 social distancing rules are being pushed aside. Vancouver 420 celebrations are known for being pretty massive but this year, things are going to look a little different. With everything moving online, police in the city will now spend their day looking for large groups of people not following the rules. 

Because of COVID-19, tons of some major celebrations have been moved online, and apparently, 420 is no different. 

The annual, city-wide party usually draws massive crowds to various hot-spots including Vancouver’s West End neighbourhood and Sunset Beach. 

With vendor tents and public protests, this day is typically about spreading love and information about safe marijuana use. 

But because large crowds of any kind have been banned, 420 celebrations are being forced to adapt. 

Vancouver police have told CBC News that no organized event for 420 is taking place this year and instead, law enforcement will spend their day monitoring smoking hot-spots around the city to ensure that no large crowds are forming. 

Police have told the news outlet that “traditional” locations for smoking include Sunset Beach and the Vancouver Art Gallery. 

Law enforcement will also be monitoring any location that may pop-up as a group gathering throughout the city. 

No specific plans have been released by police as to how they will be dealing with 420 supporters in violation of physical distancing mandates. 

Aaron Roed with the Vancouver Police Department told CBC News that social distancing measures will still apply and for health and safety reasons, they are encouraging people to stay home and practise the measures that are already in place. 

But the show must go on. Instead of having a large mass gathering, everything has been moved online. 

On the 420 Vancouver website, it explains that this year's party will be going live on your computer. 

Pot TV and Cannabis Life Network will both be broadcasting an at-home version of the 420 celebrations which will feature “many of your favourite cannabis activists.”

The broadcasts will be going live just before noon, local time.

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