Travellers in Canada are proving just how scared they are of the new strain of coronavirus. Some flyers were seen resorting to unusual and creative methods in an attempt to stay away from germs. As traditional face-masks are becoming harder to get hold of, people at the Vancouver International Airport have been spotted wearing plastic water jugs on their heads.

On Tuesday afternoon, it was officially confirmed that the coronavirus had been diagnosed by the BC CDC, taking the national count to three presumptive cases.

While health professionals in Canada have reiterated that the risk of a coronavirus outbreak in the country is low, locals and travellers are concerned about their health and wellbeing.

Face masks have been flying off the shelves in both Vancouver and Ottawa, and people are even selling them online to meet the demand.

For those who have been unable to find a traditional mask, or are worried that it's not enough protection, it seems that more creative methods are being trialled and tested.

At YVR this week, people have reportedly been seen wearing plastic water carriers over their entire head and face.

According to Vancouver Is Awesome, several images of the uncommon "masks" were shared to Facebook on Tuesday, with the original post explaining, "Fresh out of YVR. The latest anti-virus shields are made with old water jugs."

These photos have since been shared across the internet, including by one Twitter user who added, “I thought I had seen it alll..#coronavirus.”

Despite being an unusual germ-barrier, it's also being used globally in an attempt to combat the virus.

Sharing similar photos from Guangzhou in China, one Facebook account reported similar methods of protection.

While the creativity of these worried travellers is admirable, a representative from Health Canada told Narcity there are other ways to stay protected.

Their tips included: washing your hands often, practicing proper cough and sneeze etiquette, and seeing a doctor immediately if you feel unwell after travelling.

More information can be found here.

The World Health Organization had an emergency meeting last week to discuss the outbreak of the coronavirus.

It has yet to be declared an international public health emergency.

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