The Vancouver International Airport has a new employee that has four legs and is extremely fluffy. This pup is absolutely adorable and it's almost more than our hearts can handle. However, the pup is more than just looks, the Vancouver Airport puppy-in-training is gearing up to handle some pretty serious tasks once she's trained.

Zoe Weber, YVR Communications Specialist, told Narcity that the pup's name is Echo and that she will be employed to "help manage wildlife at YVR." For example, one of her main duties will be to scare birds off the tarmac and away from the airport. Weber explained that Echo will be joining a canine colleague named Pilot “who has been enthusiastically working on the field for a couple of years.” Well, if that isn't the cutest thing we've ever heard we just don't know what is.

Echo is a Hungarian Mudi (pronounced Moody). Weber told us that this particular breed is best known for their shiny black, curly fur, their strong herding instincts, and their calm personalities. Weber continued that Echo’s breed is proving to be the perfect choice for the airport as they are smart, active, and love to work. Now doesn't that sound like an ideal airport employee to have around? While you can already spot Pilot (the dog) on duty, Echo will still be in training for a while longer.

More specifically, Weber told us that Echo will finish up her training at the end of Summer 2020. "Echo is originally from Finland and started her training in June 2019." Turns out this gig needs a whole lot of training.

As for her eventual wildlife management duties, let's talk specifics. "The dogs are on the airfield from October to May when the largest flocking birds, like Snow Geese, are migrating through or wintering near YVR," said Weber.

YVR is located on a birth path for these birds, so the Airport and the pups are working to “ensure safe aircraft operations while conserving wildlife.” Weber told us that the dogs are just one of the many ways they work to co-exist safely with wildlife.

To us, that sounds like a pretty serious win, win, win. A win for the airport, for the wildlife, and for us who get to look at these cute workin' dogs.  Maybe this will help us get over the slightly bumped up fees at YVR recently.

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