Yet another protest moved through downtown as the city starts to looking toward removing restrictions. A large crowd proceeded through the city waving banners and chanting slogans over the weekend. This Vancouver anti-lockdown protest seems to be the largest so far, out of several that happened recently in Vancouver.

On Sunday afternoon, May 10, large crowds of protesters took to the streets of downtown Vancouver. It appears to have been organized by Facebook group "NO MORE LOCKDOWNS." B.C. does not currently have a lockdown in place although it is still technically under a state of emergency.

The group itself has over 1,200 members on Facebook. "COME JOIN OUR LAWFUL PROTEST TO END THE LOCKDOWN AND TAKE BACK OUR HUMAN AND ECONOMIC RIGHTS IN BRITISH COLUMBIA," reads their description.

According to messages posted on social media, the event happened at 1 p.m. in front of Cactus Club, 1085 Canada Place. It ended just before 4 p.m.

Protesters could be heard chanting "Trudeau must go" or "we the people take back the country" and held signs that read "no forced chemical injections" or "lockdown = communism." Many didn't appear to be social distancing.

While exact numbers couldn't be made out from the numbers, there looked to have been around a hundred protesters present.

Many people took videos of the protest, which appeared on Twitter.

Chants of "COVID-19 is 1984" or "no vaccines" could be heard in some of the videos.

It wasn't just adults who marched either. Young children joined the ranks in the streets, and mothers pushed their children along in strollers. Several protesters carried hand-held recorders to document the event.

Meanwhile, the B.C. government has announced they'll be winding back restrictions in the coming weeks. Come Thursday, May 14, for example, retail stores, restaurants, and office worksites will be reopening.

While they've said that people could start coming together in groups of two to six, authorities warn that seeing too many at once could lead to another spike in cases.

Over the past couple of weeks, Vancouver has been seeing more and more protests. Compared to others in recent days, this protest seems to be the largest yet.

And while earlier protests had conflicts with counter-protesters, this one started and ended relatively smoothly.

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