A video has been circulating online of a Vancouver biker without a helmet getting hit by a police van in the middle of the road. In response to a Reddit thread about the incident, the Vancouver biker admits is was being "an idiot.”

The short, 3-second video shows a man without a helmet biking into traffic on a busy street in Vancouver. As he turns onto the street, he immediately loses control of his bike, slides into the road, and is hit by a marked police van.

The incident occurred near Emily Carr University on Great Northern Way. According to the Vancouver Courier, it took place around 4:30 p.m. on July 7. The rider doesn’t look like he was seriously injured in the video, in fact, the hit looks more like a ‘boop’ in the behind than anything.

But naturally, viewers are left to wonder if the rider is alright and how the police officer that hit him reacted.

Vancouver police media relations told the Vancouver Courier that the rider wasn’t harmed and that he was apologetic about the disruption. According to the media relations representative, the friendly officer offered to help the rider, but he was unharmed and went about his business after saying sorry and dusting himself off.

After the video blew up online, the infamous rider has finally spoken up. He responded to a thread on Reddit about the incident saying “Bottom line- I’m an idiot.” He said the accident had nothing to do with his bike and that he put himself at risk by riding that way and neglecting to wear a helmet.

“Thankfully the officer was very concerned about me and was nice enough to let me off with just a sore a**,” he continued. He said he was grateful for the police officer who was so kind and who slammed on his breaks in time to save his life.

Now that we all know he’s unharmed (apart from his sore behind), we can watch the video shamelessly. Cheers to that lovely police officer and to this Vancouverite for admitting his wrongdoing.

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